Dallas Festival of Modern Music

Ars Nova Dallas

ars-nova-dallas-3-resizeArs Nova Dallas is the resident chamber ensemble of the Dallas Festival of Modern Music. Under the direction of Jordan Smith and Ryan Ross, this versatile ensemble is committed to performing contemporary literature at the highest level. Unlike a symphony orchestra, with a more standardized instrumentation, an Ars Nova Dallas performance may look different every program. This allows the group to easily adapt to any work, allowing a flexibility in repertoire that is unusual in the orchestral world. The result is masterful performances of the best, most thrilling music of the 20th and 21st century, adding to the cultural landscape of North Texas.

The ensemble gets its name from an unlikely source, the Late Middle Ages in France. Literally translated as “new art,” the style was a response to the dated and restrictive Ars Antique, and this musical evolution allowed for greater variety of rhythm, duple instead of triple time, and increased independence in part writing. Ars Nova Dallas, therefore, is an ensemble dedicated to presenting exhilarating artistic experiences that push beyond previously perceived boundaries and help to break Dallas audiences out of routine and into unique new portals through which to experience great art.

The Ars Nova Dallas 2011 repertoire presents an electric combination of unique voices. On November 3 and 4, the ensemble will be presenting Igor Stravinsky’s engaging The Soldier’s Tale, along with several new pieces that utilize similar instrumentation. The following days on November 5 and 6, Ars Nova Dallas takes a 180 turn and presents American master Elliot Carter’s Triple Duo. Begin making plans now for this incomparable weekend!

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